The safest way to instantly disable a criminal’s vehicle.

MobileSpike instantly disables suspects' vehicles and protects the public from the life-threatening dangers of high-speed chases. Now you can finally own a part of MobileSpike and join the movement. #SpikeSafely


Think about it this way. Instead of calling 5+ extra police units, helicopters, blocking off the roads and endangering lives of bystanders, MobileSpike turns a 5-person job into a quick and efficient way to stop fleeing vehicles. In 60 seconds or less. Thousands of dollars is saved in single pursuit. MobileSpike pays for itself in a single successful deployment.

MobileSpike is the safest and fastest vehicle-disablement system on the market:

  • MobileSpike keeps officers inside their vehicle and in control
  • Our system costs just $2,750, as little as a light bar
  • PROVEN in the field, in all weather conditions, with hundreds of successful deployments

What officers say about MobileSpike

“The officer can deploy the spikes from inside the car. We're always looking at technology to make our jobs safer and easier. This is certainly one of those applications.”

Sergeant Jeff Sauers, Columbus OH Police Dept.

“I saw it, and I love it! MobileSpike lets one officer shut down a chase without putting his safety at risk at the side of the road with a hand-thrown spike strip. [This is] an opportunity for you and me to own a piece of this company, one that makes money, stops criminals, and keeps police safe.”

- Lars Larson, Investor in MobileSpike

Next Steps

We conducted a four year field test across the U.S., from Florida to Alaska. 100% of the officers who've used MobileSpike agree it’s safer and faster than any other system. There is simply no other system that can be deployed from a moving vehicle.  

Agencies in 22 states have reached out to us demanding MobileSpike before we spent a single dollar on marketing or advertising yet.

Today, we're preparing to scale our manufacturing and deliver units to waiting customers. But we need your help to make this possible. 

Here is your opportunity to own a piece of MobileSpike with a minimum investment starting at $100. 

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