A Striking Investment Opportunity

A Striking Investment Opportunity


Technology usually moves forward by increments. Step by step. Inch by inch.


But sometimes there’s a leap. Sometimes a new technology changes the way we think and approach our work.


MobileSpike allows law enforcement officers to quickly stop pursuits from the safety of their vehicle by the push of a button. MobileSpike is vehicle-mounted, retractable, in-motion tire-spiking system that is safe and effective at speeds from 15 to 120 miles per hour in a wide range of weather and road conditions. This greatly reduces pursuit time and public risk.


Field-tested by police departments across the country — 100% of which were so impressed they became MobileSpike customers — this game-changing leap in technology is drawing product requests nationwide.


MobileSpike Technologies keeps law enforcement officers — and the general public — safer every single day. That’s a true breakthrough — and a striking opportunity. 

Curious about our business plan? Looking to outfit your fleet with MobileSpikes?


Questions about our product? Call us at 360.430.7676


Drop us a line at info@mobilespike.com, or through the contact box below.

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